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We understand the complexities in navigating this process and are committed to delivering a bespoke service that addresses every component. There are no limitations to our work - our job is to aid you in reaching the university that best reflects who you are as an individual. Our level of support is comprehensive and every student-athlete is provided with their own designated consultant to guide them through the entire journey. Our recruiting process is not limited to exploring a set number of schools and we do not distribute profiles to every institution in America. This is not about the number of universities, but the quality and suitability of the institutions. Our consultants have the experience and know-how to ensure a student-athlete’s university list is a direct reflection of who they are and what they strive to achieve. Having experienced the college system ourselves, college coaches trust our opinion and appreciate that we speak the same language! Our unique friendships with coaches allows us to offer student-athletes direct channels to top universities. Tailoring the recruiting process to the individual is paramount to choosing the right school. In having a specific consultant, every student-athlete experiences the personal attention that this process demands. Beyond the recruiting process itself, student-athletes are provided with SAT/ACT tutoring, NCAA amateurism support, specific application/essay guidance, visa assistance and plenty of preparation to ensure that they are ready for the college experience. Preparation is a big part of what we do. Sharing our own experiences and offering advice and guidance as former student-athletes provides prospects with the tools to succeed on and off the playing field. For Ivy League prospects we deliver a comprehensive service in navigating this unique admissions process. Our team consists of several Ivy League graduates, who are best places to ensure that students going down this path present the academic and athletic profile that will garner attention from the prestigious universities in this league. Our job doesn’t end once you fly out. Our Big Brother/Big Sister programme has been created to ensure freshman student-athletes can connect with current student-athletes. In any case, members of our team are always a Skype call away to discuss anything you encounter during your time there! Our student-athletes become part of a family at RightTrack and we are here to see them succeed throughout their university career and beyond. We evaluate every student-athlete both on and off the playing field. The very first step is to complete our questionnaire and we encourage athletes of all levels to complete it. We are a bright young bunch here at RightTrack and we want our student-athletes to enjoy the recruiting process. We bring on board those who fit our dynamic culture and are representative of all the characteristics we deem essential to succeed at the collegiate level.

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