The US college system offers the most competitive level of track and field for athletes aged 18-23. It is a natural bridge to the global stage and British stars such as Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake and Lorraine Ugen have come through the NCAA system.


US universities invest a huge amount of money in their sporting facilities, most of which are located in vast sports complexes. Athletes have access to everything they need, including an outdoor (and quite likely an indoor) track, a strength and conditioning centre, an athletic training room (physios and doctors) and an academic resource centre. Some universities also have an athlete-specific dining hall, and provide the opportunity to visit sports nutritionists and sports psychologists.


The college indoor season runs from January to March, with the outdoor season beginning shortly afterwards, running from late-March to mid-June. With many internationals competing in the NCAA, college coaches understand the global schedule and structure the season to ensure success at the right time of the year. The team format of college track and field makes for a refreshing and exciting experience. The NCAA Championships in June typically produce some of the best performances in the world. Commonly, several athletes in a particular event final will also be present at the relevant major international championship that year. NCAAs are well-attended by fans, sponsors and agents. For a lot of athletes the meet acts as a platform to the professional level.


Track and field athletes ourselves, we understand the differences between the two sides of the pond. We've been there in your shoes as juniors considering the next step, and have experienced the highest level of collegiate track and field, and even beyond on the international stage. Our unique expertise in navigating the track and field recruiting process has been well-greeted by many. You’ve no doubt seen us at England Athletics events! We understand there is a need for genuine guidance on the US process for athletes in this sport, and are dedicated to ensuring athletes attend the university that allows them to achieve their aims on and off the track.



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