Penn State University

"One day my son came back from school and told me that that he wanted to go to America for university. He was still 15 years old. When he was 16, we started searching for universities in the US; visiting a US university fair, talking to many agencies, contacting universities by ourselves and finally applying for the Sutton Trust. There are so many universities in the US. My son knew what he wanted but didn’t know how to find the right one.. Then my son met Jonathan.


The RightTrack team’s approach is very different from other agencies. They didn’t treat my son as one of their products to sell to universities, they focused on what HE was looking for, who HE is and what WE could afford…. And finally what HE felt about the universities they suggested for him. RightTrack Sports provided an amazing service and I cannot ask for more. My son and I can honestly now say that we have found the right university for him. Our whole family is excited about his future in the US and I strongly recommend, to anybody who is looking for their future in the US, RightTrack Sports.

Thank you, Jonathan, and all the staff at RightTrack!

Hiroko Matsuka"

Louisiana State


“Jonathan’s very proactive. He’s always checking in ensuring everything’s going well. He gives great advice and is always willing to go the extra mile. I’m very grateful for him and the RightTrack team supporting me. Tinaya Alexander”

Miami University

"My son is off to Miami University on a full athletics scholarship this year. RightTrack have helped us at every step of the process to secure him the best possible opportunities in America. I can not imagine how difficult it would have been if we were trying to do it all on our own. Jonathan has been there on the end of the phone, skype and email whenever we have needed him. RightTrack staff really know their stuff and clearly want what is best for every young person they work with! We could not be more grateful that they have been there to support us.


Yours Truly

A VERY happy (excited and of course slightly

nervous parent)"


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