Summer Showcase Rules/Policies



The RightTrack summer showcase will host a competitive athletic environment. Athletes at the showcase should be prepared physically for training sessions, and mentally for the academic sessions.



All athletes are expected to participate in all training sessions and talks. Any athlete currently injured and therefore not able to participate in training sessions should let a member of the RightTrack team know as soon as possible.


Athletes are always expected to participate with a good attitude and willingness during the camp. Any disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.


Code of Conduct

1.       Personal Safety – RightTrack prohibits any conduct which threatens or endangers the personal safety and security of others.

2.       Sexual misconduct – RightTrack prohibits any gender discrimination, sexual misconduct, sexual harassment or sexual assault.

3.       Alcohol, drugs, and tobacco – all are strictly forbidden. Any athlete found in possession of these items will be dismissed from the camp immediately.

4.       Disorderly conduct – athletes are expected to conduct themselves in commonly accepted standards of behaviour.

5.       Brunel university resources – be mindful that we are guests of Brunel university facilities. Any misconduct, vandalism, theft or destruction of facilities will not be tolerated.


Medical forms

All athletes are required to complete a Medical Release form.



All athletes are required to complete a media, photo and video release.



Enrolment to the camp is on a first come first serve basis.



Cancellation within seven days of purchase provided it’s more than a month before the camp, will be eligible for a full refund. After the seven-day period, there is a £100 cancellation fee.



Athletes will all be provided with a RightTrack T-shirt.



Athletes may indicate one roommate preference on the registration form. However, we cannot guarantee that athletes will have their first choice of roommates, but we will do our best to fulfil requests. If no preference is listed, a roommate will be assigned. Roommates assignments will be sent out a week before the camp begins.


Lodging will be in single-sex rooms only, and members of the opposite sex are not permitted inside at any time during the camp.



Athletes will be supervised by camp staff throughout their stay, including the halls of residence. Athletes are responsible for their behaviour. Any misconduct will not be tolerated. RightTrack reserves the right to send any athlete home without a refund if found misbehaving, being uncooperative or acting detrimental at any point in the camp.


NCAA compliance

At RightTrack we have taken great care in ensuring compliance with NCAA rules, as college coaches are interacting with athletes. In accordance with NCAA rules, the 2019 Summer Showcase is open to all levels of athletes but may limit attendance based on factors such as age and camp capacity.


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