FAQs – 2019 Summer Showcase


Who is the camp for?

The 2019 Summer Showcase is a two-day camp, for any athlete looking to improve their athletic performance and with a keen interest in attending an American university. Whether you sprint, jump, hurdle, throw or run distance, all ability levels are welcome to come and show the American university coaches what you’ve got!


Am I guaranteed to get a scholarship?

No athlete is guaranteed to get a scholarship. Could you get a scholarship offer from this event? Yes! And this event is designed to give you that exposure! Coaches are flying over to scout out any athletes they feel could be a good fit for their team. It’s important to remember that coaches aren’t just looking for athletic performance, but they also take into account academics, character, work ethic and your overall ceiling for potential. So it’s in your hands to bring your best on and off the track during these two days!


How much does it cost to attend?

The 2019 Summer showcase costs £279.99 for Early Bird registration.  This covers the athletes training, accommodation, meals, talks & seminars and a camp t-shirt as well as other goodies. Once Early Bird spots are filled, the cost for Regular registration is £349.99. We are accepting deposits and there is an extra charge for this.


Can I come for just one day?

No, unfortunately, we cannot offer one-day tickets, but we do highly recommend attending both days of the showcase. If you’re only available for one of the days, please do send us an email on


If I’m currently injured can I still attend?

Absolutely! There is still a lot of knowledge to gain from attending the showcase, and opportunities to meet and interact with coaches. There will be several important talks which will help educate you on how the US college system works.


What do I need to bring?

Athletes will need to bring training kit for both days, any athletic footwear they need such as trainers or spikes, casual clothes for the evening activities, toiletries, towel, any medication they’re currently taking, a notepad and pen.


What will we be doing?

Throughout the two days, athletes will have take part in event-specific training sessions appropriate for the time of year, talks by the coaches about the college system and the transition for an international student-athlete, an SAT/ACT diagnostic test and a panel discussion with the RightTrack team and the coaches. Each event group will be led by a UK coach and the training sessions will be designed to give athletes the perfect opportunity to showcase their talent. As an example, horizontal jumpers on day one can expect to being short approach jumps from 8-12 strides.


What level do I have to be competing at?

There isn’t an entry standard for this event. It’s open to athletes of all levels. If you think you have what it takes to get recruited by a US university, sign up! Even if you have the potential. A coach might see something in you that they wouldn’t otherwise know from looking at your Power of 10 page. The process is about so much more than your PB. It’s about your potential, attitude, coachability and your desire to be at an American university. It’s your chance to showcase yourself. No entry standard, just bring your best!


How old do I have to be to attend?

Any athletes aged currently 15 to 19 are eligible to attend the camp. If you are looking to study in America for a Masters degree, please send us an email at

Younger athletes, due to NCAA rules are unfortunately not able to attend.


Are athletes allowed to speak to the coaches?

Yes, absolutely! Coaches will be approaching and talking to any athletes they are interested in. You are more than welcome to ask them any questions you have about their university or athletics team.


If I do two events (e.g. jumps and sprints), can I still participate in both events?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills in both events. However, it’s important to focus on your main event.


Will I get performance feedback from coaches?

Yes, coaches will be giving feedback during the training sessions to help you get the most out of your event and to bring out your best skills.


What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation within seven days of purchase provided it’s more than a month before the camp, will be eligible for a full refund. After the seven-day period, there is a £100 cancellation fee.


Can parents come and watch/attend talks?

Yes, all parents or guardians are welcome at the camp. Each student camp ticket is accompanied by two tickets for all the talks. Extra tickets can be purchased for an additional fee.


Academic Option

Students will have the opportunity to sit a diagnostic ACT/SAT test on the Tuesday evening to experience this unique style of admissions test required at all US universities. Our diagnostic test is a condensed (1 hour 10 minutes) version of the full test and is specifically designed to highlight students’ strengths and weaknesses. Students will be emailed a score report within 2 weeks of attending the camp, which will indicate their score, strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations and for test dates, tutoring and preparation tips for the real test. The cost for this add on is £50.

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