RightTrack was founded upon the idea that prospective student-athletes should learn from the first-hand experience of those before them. Our advising team of successful alumni provides prospects with an invaluable insight into not only the recruiting process, but also the experience of attending university in America. Having studied at some of the best universities in the US and competed at the highest level of collegiate sport, we have developed relationships with the top academic and athletic institutions, offering student-athletes direct channels to the most prestigious universities.


James Alaka

High School: Ravens Wood School

Alma Mater: University of Washington ‘14

Major: Comparative History of Ideas

Position: Senior Track & Field Consultant

Zak Seddon

High School:  Wargrave Piggott School

Alma Mater: Florida State University

Major: Sociology

Minor: Business

Position: Track & Field Consultant

Adam Walker-Khan

High School:Silverdale Secondary School

Alma Mater: LIU-Brooklyn

Major: Sport Science

Position: Track & Field Consultant

Abram Ayala

High School: Blair Academy

Alma Mater: Princeton University

Major: Spanish Language & Culture

Magna Cum Laude

Position: Academic Consultant

Sydney Wright

High School: Meridian High School

Alma Mater: University of Memphis

Major: Sport Science

Minor: Creative Writing

Position: SAT/ACT Tutor

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