Join the most competitive university sporting network.

More than 400,000 student-athletes participate in over 20 varsity sports, with NCAA universities awarding over 150,000 scholarships each year. Athletic scholarships are awards based on merit and can include anything from tuition to housing and meals. The cost of travelling to events, hotels, entry fees, per diem and many more are also included. Furthermore, university teams have sponsors such as Nike, Adidas or Under Armour, who provide student-athletes with athletic clothing, footwear and equipment. Student-athletes in the US have access to world-class coaching and competitions, medical facilities and doctors, high-performance centres, and academic support. The American collegiate system provides an exceptional level of competition while catering to your needs as both a student and an athlete. In all, you will have access to every resource required to succeed on and off the playing field.

Stepping into the American collegiate sports system can be the best route to take for an athlete in any sport. Athletes around the world find opportunities in the US, and we are well-placed to assist you through the process. Student-athletes are in a position where they can benefit from similar resources as professional athletes and at the same time earn a degree. Upon completion, you will be in a fantastic position to pursue the career of your choice.

How are we different?

Our RightTrack team is comprised of former British student-athletes at Division 1 universities, offering you an in-depth and unparalleled insight into the student-athlete process. We have the experience in collegiate sports; we've been there and at the highest level. We love sharing our knowledge and we make the recruiting process personal to each student.  Our dedicated Ivy League Team supports students who wish to go through this specific process and have the academic profile to target these upper-echelon institutions. Former students there themselves, they know the system and have the personal relationship with coaches in this division.

Whether you are a soccer player or a rower, a field hockey player or a golfer, our team have the experience and network to put you in the direction of the best athletic programs in America. There is a vast array of universities, and students often find themselves asking "where do I start?" At RightTrack we seek to ensure our student-athletes find themselves competing at the right level, in the location that fits their geographic preferences and at the school that suits their academic goals. Each university presents a different environment and a unique experience. We treat each student-athlete as an individual and ensure their academic and sporting profiles are reflected in their university choice. Our student-athletes find they are managed with a more personal touch - we don't just help you find a university, we ensure it's the right one for you.


Introduction: Speak with a member of our team, who will discuss the process, broaden your understanding of the vast array of universities, and provide feedback and answers to any questions you may have.

Packages: Having all-access to our team is an invaluable component of our program. We offer a bespoke service tailored to your needs. For any of our packages there is no limitation on the number of universities we contact - our program is based around quality. Earning a scholarship and a place on a roster is a tremendous achievement and we go the step further to ensure it's at the right university for you. Our packages provide you with the following:

  • Academic & Athletic Evaluation
    • Evaluation of GCSEs/BTEC/A Levels
    • Physical Assessment
      • Attending games, competitions and events
      • Evaluation of statistics and personal bests
  • SAT/ACT Tutoring
    • Comprehensive in-house curriculum from Ivy League grade tutors
    • Diagnostic and mock assessments
  • University Selection and Matching
    • Identifying institutions specific to academic and athletic profile, in addition to geographic preferences
      • Creating unlimited list of suited universities
    • Navigating non-scholarship sports, e.g Rugby and Rowing, and schools, e.g Ivy League
  • Student-Athlete CV & Video Portfolio
    • Filming and video editing of games and events
  • NCAA Eligibility Centre Application Support
  • Correspondence and Connection with University Coaches
    • Direct communication with coaches on your behalf
    • Personal contact with the RightTrack network of coaches
  • Scholarship Support
    • Athletic scholarship guidance
    • Ivy League financial aid assistance 
  • Initiating & Scheduling Recruiting Trips
  • Guidance Through Visa Process
    • Assistance through SEVIS/I-20 application
    • Preparation for Embassy interview
  • Preparation for Life as a Student-Athlete in the US
    • Connection with current and former international student-athletes
  • RightTrack Big Brother/Big Sister Program
  • All Access to The RightTrack Team

We value the bespoke nature of our services. Track athletes at heart, we go the extra mile!


Our Guarantee:

At RightTrack Sports Consultancy we pride ourselves on providing you with the most holistic and invaluable information for the entire process. We are committed to supporting and guiding you during the entirety of your university experience.