I was fortunate to have earned a full scholarship to the University of Missouri. While the process was tough, the ensuing experiences at Mizzou were absolutely worth it. I was surrounded by some of the brightest minds, competed at the highest level of Division 1 athletics and gained access to world class resources, all the while earning my degree. I want to share my experiences and knowledge with prospective students-athletes, providing them with the same opportunities I was lucky to be awarded.
— Jonathan Ilori, Founder & Managing Director


With each passing year, more and more overseas students fulfil their aspirations of studying at top universities in the US. We pride ourselves on offering the most in-depth personal advice and support to each student.

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NCAA schools award over 150,000 athletic scholarships annually in over 20 sports. All former student-athletes at the highest level, RightTrack advisers have the expertise to provide you with the necessary resources to navigate the process in any sport. 

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